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Building a Premium Website for a Premium Brand

Mazda's goal of revamping their digital presence was an ambitious one and an important step towards providing luxury car buyers with a better understanding of the Mazda brand. To capture the attention of their audience, Mazda would need to create an innovative platform that celebrates the quality and craftsmanship of their vehicles, something that goes beyond words and visuals alone. To do this, Mazda needed to look beyond traditional tools and strive for something greater - something that leverages cutting-edge user interface design, dynamic storytelling, and immersive content. By doing so they can ensure they are providing luxury car buyers with the comprehensive experiences they crave - and elevating Mazda among its peers in the process.


We took on the ambitious task of transforming Mazda's online presence by completely revamping and providing an advanced digital experience that would engage the high-end market. Our comprehensive plan set out to create an interactive website that would make it easy for users to learn about Mazda vehicles, research prices, configure their ideal car and more. We tailored each step of our process to optimize design features, curate content and streamline operation - allowing a revolutionary interface that puts essential tools at your fingertips.

Surpassing Expectations

The successful launch of with nearly 5 million unique visitors in the first few months set a record for the company. The 200% increase in engagement with crucial features on the site such as 'Build & Price' and 'Find a Dealer' showed how Mazda was able to take full advantage of their new technology and experience, leading to cost reductions in content publishing and providing more opportunities for scalability. This component-based architecture allowed them to better meet deadlines due to its improved predictability and precision, all while operating within a budget.


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