Google Optimize Sunsetting. Great Alternatives from Sitecore and Acquia

With Google Optimize sunsetting in September, it might be time to consider Sitecore and Acquia for your personalization and A/B testing needs, regardless of your CMS platform.

Google Optimize Sunsetting. Great Alternatives from Sitecore and Acquia

As Google recently announced that Google Optimize and Optimize 360 will no longer be available after September 30, 2023. See more information on Google’s website.

Google says they are discontinuing Optimize to better serve their customers by investing in other solutions that provide richer personalization and A/B testing capabilities in the future.

Luckily leading digital experience platform (DXP) providers Acquia and Sitecore both have powerful personalization and A/B testing solutions that can be used for any website – regardless of whether Drupal or Sitecore are being used as the content management system (CMS).

Acquia Personalization

“Unify data and content to deliver personalized experiences across multiple channels — built and optimized for Drupal.”

Sitecore Personalize

“Optimize every experience across every channel with the leading experimentation and personalization platform”

Alliance partners with Acquia and Sitecore to deliver engaging personalized user experiences. Need help working through your personalization strategy or implementing a personalization engine? Let’s talk!