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Qualcomm, a leading provider of wireless technology and services, realized that a lack of consumer awareness and understanding of their value and brand was a fundamental challenge facing their business. In order to make their business more meaningful to consumers across the world, Qualcomm tasked us with helping them create a digital brand story and engagement platform. The result was a new content platform that would power meaningful experiences and be accessible from any device and screen.
A novel take

Our novel take on Qualcomm's cutting edge communications platform started with a content strategy that provided a comprehensive guide for infrastructure development, asset creation, and editorial calendar planning. New content was generated and implemented across the global platform to tell Qualcomm's brand story in ways that were consistent, relatable, and understandable for a diverse group of people. This engagement was spearheaded by a team of over 40 people from different disciplines who frequently collaborated with Qualcomm. Our unique and efficient processes set a new standard for how agencies and clients should work together.


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