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With a legacy of engineering excellence and decades in the making, Solar Turbines is committed to powering industry progress with reliable power solutions. Their custom designed products are perfect for large-scale industrial applications as well as smaller operations.

Solar Turbines was in need of a digital makeover - one that would accurately reflect their brand and enable the company to modernize and streamline how they operated. Having a powerful content management system to handle the complexities of the business was paramount, as were web and mobile applications tailored for internal operations. Their goal was to facilitate better tracking and monitoring of equipment through digital mediums and leverage data to inform more efficient decision making. With the right tools, Solar Turbines would be well-equipped to forge ahead into the future.


To tackle this digital overhaul for Solar Turbines, we developed a comprehensive three-pronged game plan. First, to give their website an aesthetic and functional refresh with a replatform and redesign; second, to construct specialized web applications to provide the internal team with greater capabilities; and lastly, to create streamlined mobile apps that make it easier to access metrics and receive push notifications on business critical events. Approaching each of these objectives required distinct strategies and our team took to the challenge with a sense of unity needed to create a complete suite of digital solutions.

Revolutionizing a Customer Experience

The engineering prowess and creative expertise of our team shined as we delivered a full redesigned and replatformed Solar Turbines website built on a best-in-class digital experience platform. Re-inventing the website with a fresh design and highly-intuitive user experience was just the beginning. We created an online presence that spoke to users: providing them with all of the information they needed quickly, easily and engagingly.

In addition to the new web platform, our team embarked on an ambitious project to revolutionize the way customers track and monitor their turbine equipment. Through our comprehensive business analysis, we developed innovative standards and processes for UX design that resulted in a web-based dashboard tool providing real time data across any device - anywhere in the world. This not only enhanced customer convenience but enabled insightful decision making based upon intuitively presented insights derived from accurate tracking of their fleet's utilization patterns.


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