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UnitedHealthcare is the health benefits business of UnitedHealth Group, a health care and well-being company working to help build a modern, high-performing health system through improved access, affordability, outcomes and experiences.

UnitedHealthCare sought to embark on an ambitious goal to revamp their digital presence. Their mission was to harmoniously blend cutting-edge technology, intelligent design solutions and user-centric features that would make navigating and utilizing their services a smooth and intuitive experience. With a keen focus towards the future of health care and technology, reimagining the UnitedHealthCare website would set them down an exciting path of modernization, providing everyone with an easier way to access essential health care information.


The challenge of modernizing UnitedHealthCare's digital experience was an incredible opportunity with strong potential for significantly improved performance and user experience. Our plan called for a revised framework with an emphasis on intuitive navigation and increased overall user satisfaction. We needed to ensure our design strategy gave priority to scalability and delivering measurable analytic results. Our comprehensive approach incorporated user-friendly UX and UI design elements combined with tools that processed data efficiently, which would in turn provide customers with a more dependable source of information. In the end, we strived hard to create a thoroughly modern digital experience that begs users to explore it further.

A Customer-Centric Approach

The UnitedHealthCare digital experience platform was a runaway success; the metrics tell the whole story. After launch, user engagement improved drastically as more people stayed on the website longer, bounce rates plummeted, and search relevance skyrocketed. It was an impressive undertaking to create such a monumental improvement in performance, design, and usability, but our team was up to the challenge and delivered in manner that exceeded all expectations. We're proud of this extraordinary accomplishment and we were excited to launch it for UHC as they continue to take their platform to new heights.


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