U.S. Marines

A Complete Redesign and Replatform




Website Development

Founded in 1775, the Marines are an elite fighting force with the courage to engage in every battle—and the will to win.

The U.S. Marines embarked on a mission of forward-thinking excellence: to launch a website with a fresh, modern design capable of taking the user experience to remarkable heights. With impactful visuals and intense media, the platform would be shaped firmly around the Marines' iconic brand and values, yet propel them boldly into the future.

Additionally, The U.S. Marines sought to lead the charge towards leveraging the power of their influencers and advocates to further the organization's mission. By creating a web-based platform intended specifically for these individuals, they would have the tools to better track their activities, connect with other like-minded individuals from various organizations, and empower themselves moving forward.


Our team was tasked with pushing the boundaries of innovation while also preserving and protecting the legacy of the United States Marine Corps. We approached this challenge with an unwavering commitment to creating a website that upholds their values, distinct brand identity and honor of those who serve. Every detail was intricately designed for astounding usability and visuals that capture the essence of their ethos. Of humble beginnings, we pushed to find remarkable ways to replatform and remake a space that meets their standards both aesthetically and technologically — paving a new route for this historic institution's digital home.

A New Platform for a New Era

Our ambitious team ushered in a new technological era for the U.S. Marines, delivering an impressive digital experience platform that brings forth their timeless values with artful visuals and engaging media resources. It was truly an honor to participate in such a meaningful project - one which allows viewers from around the world to explore this iconic organization's dedicated mission through captivating imagery and immersive design.

A Formidable Goal for an Iconic Brand

In addition to a replatformed and redesigned website, our team was proud to take the lead in developing the innovative U.S. Marines Influencer Platform. This unique web-based portal is designed to bring together and identify advocates for the USMC, allowing for greater connections and networking between people within the schools and organizations that partner with the Marine Corps, as well as those in their surrounding communities. By leveraging relationships and creating a mutually beneficial environment, we have seen an increase in public outreach to spread awareness of USMC values. Challenges have been overcome and it has been thrilling to witness the progress of this project.


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