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Virtua Health is an award-winning comprehensive community health care system with 5 hospitals and 270+ locations in South New Jersey and Philadelphia area.

Virtua's website was in need of an upgrade. To better align with their mission and growth goals, the site needed to be modernized for improved design, user experience and standards-compliance. A more efficient UX would enable Virtua to connect users with a full range of healthcare services that meet today's digital consumer behaviors. Acting in response to the COVID pandemic, Virtua has embraced digital health technology, intending to implement a website designed to provide personalized access. This leading healthcare provider aims to push boundaries with their interactive tools and an unbeatable customer experience.


The team conducted an extensive discovery process to capture the necessary insights into customer needs, motivations and content preferences which enabled them to craft a vision statement for Virtua's reimagined website. Our goal was clear: create a digital experience that informs consumers throughout their care journey with useful, engaging content that is both trustworthy and meaningful in connecting people to what matters most - from information through treatment. In this vision, key goals were identified to help Virtua deliver an enriching and intuitive experience for their customers. These imperatives included demystifying healthcare by providing a clear path of understanding through the brand; fostering strong relationships with patients while creating measurable growth in both patient volume and revenue; building a secure website that enables scalability within its team structure. With these objectives at hand, Virtua will be empowered to redefine health care experiences moving forward.

Result: A Re-Imagined Digital Experience That Amplifies The Virtua Brand

Virtua's new website is undergoing a complete reimagining and redesign to deliver a highly engaging digital experience. Their new digital experience ecosystem will leverage modern digital experience platform (DXP) technology and advanced architecture scalability. The new consumer-focused experience will also apply best practices in content and persona personalization, conversion optimization, and data analytics.


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